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Polyuria Waterproofing 

For Industrial floors,Roofs, Tanks, Structural strengthening, swimming pools ,canals, water features etc

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Crack Injection 

For all types of structural crack repair and strengthening of structure, wall crack repair for tanks, car parks, underground chambers, Swimming pools etc

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Transparent Coating

Transparent special coating for existing swimming pools without removing tiles, bathroom floors and any kind of water features and different floors


PVC Membrane

Suitable for basement and roof waterproofing landscapes (remaining you can take from our profile)

  • EPDM system

  • Bitumen Membrane system

  • Liquid waterproofing

  • Cementitius Waterproofing

  • Self adhesive membranes

  • Epoxy flooring

  • Squash and tennis court

  • Thermal insulation

  • Structural strengthening

  • Exterior insulation system

  • Lightweight Screed

  • Seamless Joint Treatment

  • Aluminum Metal Flashing

  • Flexible Joint Sealing

  • Other Essential Joint Treatment

  •  Prefabricated Accessories

  • Photo-reflective Protection Layers

  •  Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

  •  UV Resistant Polyurethane Coating